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US POLYTECH provides a portfolio of 30 years of experience in Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, Africa and Asia in the realms of analysis, sensitive high technology and logistics execution in international security and defense procurement readiness for international clients.

US POLYTECH interfaces with international governments to assist by enhancing stability in critical national security applications and emergency situations. US POLYTECH anticipates challenging parameters and executes with foresight in addressing and resolving our clients complex task requirements.

US POLYTECH is guided by our mission statement to incorporate our clients thought processes derived from diverse international cultures, collaborate effectively employing available limited resources, and effecting positive execution of critical security and defense tasks with skills sets acquired during three decades of world travel knowledge for our clients.

US POLYTECH assures our clients of our discreet and confidential approach to retained engagements, strategy discussions and experienced counsel.

US POLYTECH partners and colleagues cover a wide berth of security applications.

US POLYTECH is prepared for your task.